About us

Chic Elastic focuses on creating handmade products with the idea of introducing innovative and unique accessories. It started up as a small family business, selling a few pieces to relatives and friends, and gradually turned into a consolidated business. Our passion is to create versatile accessories that allow our customers discover the new world of possibilities elastic material has to offer. Our goal is to show off new, fun and unique ways of wearing elastic material that can be customized to provide a special product for our clients.

Our products have served as POP material in corporate events as well as souvenirs and gifts in personal events and celebrations. Our wide prints and colors variety have captivated women and girls who increasingly choose our accessories as the perfect complement to look fashionable and trendy.

Our mission

To satisfy our clients based on high quality and service, offering innovative elastic accessories for a fashionable and youthful style.

Our vision

To be recognized internationally as a brand of handmade accessories pioneered in the use of elastic material and become an example of entrepreneurship in Latin America.

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